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North Muaither,Al Ruwaidat Street
Doha -Qatar
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AinKhaled,Salwa Road
Doha -Qatar
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Tyre Repairs

Al gawas service centre presently operates a 24 hours roadside assistance service for cars involved in accidents and other mechanical failures. For over three decades our shop has been providing auto repairs for cars, pickups and diesel engine vehicles. We have reliable services for general mechanical auto repairs.

As a general rule, never repair tyres with:

-Damage caused by flat or underinflated
-Injury beyond recommended range (maximum 6 mm)
-The bead wire is broken or deformed.
-Broken or detached shoulder straps
-Cracks, creases or separation of radial layers
-Separation or folding of rubber or fabric
-Damage caused by hydrocarbons or corrosive substances.
-Gasket gap too large for repair
-Loose or broken radial body cable on inner shoulder
-Inner shoulder straps are soft and supple rubber
-Damage beyond repair limits (see Allowable Repair Limits below)
-Repairing a tire with any of the above conditions will render the tire unusable.

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Location : 1

North Muaither,
Al Ruwaidat Street
Doha -Qatar

Location : 2

Ain Khaled,
Salwa Road
Doha -Qatar

Location : 3

Muaither,Umm Al-
Dome street Doha -Qatar


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